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Terms and Conditions

We aim to give you an efficient and quick repair service so that your appliance is working again on our first visit. So we can make that happen, we request a few terms be adhered to.

Standard Call-Out

Our standard call-out charge is £40 (CV1-CV6) or £45 (CV7-CV47). Please note we only charge a call-out fee if the repair quote is not proceeded with for any reason or if it is a no fault call-out / user error.


Our call-out includes the diagnosis of the appliance fault and a full quotation for the repair (including any additional visits). The callout does not include spare parts cost or our engineers labour. For example, if the quote to repair your appliance is £100 including parts and labour and you proceed with the repair we do not charge you for the callout. However, if you decline the repair quote, we only charge the callout fee.

Payment methods

Our accepted payment methods are cash or bank transfer. Please note that all invoices must be paid as per the due date on the invoice.


In the event you (the customer) do not have the appliance out and in a position easily accessible for repair, the engineer will attempt to remove/manoeuvre the appliance from its position but only if required to do so. If the Engineer is unable to safely isolate electrical or water supply to the appliance, they hold the right to cancel the repair and/or return when the issue is resolved. This may require the customer to contact an electrician, joiner or plumber.

Engineers are not required to remain on site until rectified. 


Should the engineer be required to move the appliance, all care and appropriate apparatus will be used. In the event of damages, an assessment will be made as to the cause and if the event could have been avoided. The engineer does not accept liability for damages out of their control including but not limited too

  • Debris under the unit

  • Previously damaged flooring

  • Installation inappropriate for the appliance (eg built-in appliances on uneven/ un-secured wood)

  • Tiling cracked due to faults in tile when moving, e.g. built-in appliances.

  • Wooden cabinets splintering due to removal of wood screws post installation

  • Water pipes that rupture when removing inlet source due to age/poor quality, i.e. plastic

  • Appliances that are stacked or on raised platforms must be lowered prior to engineer visit or assistance is to be provided for two-person handling.

The Engineer will examine to the best of their ability the appliance and setting before manoeuvring, they may wish at this moment to take photos of the appliance and setting and if they discover any faults they will confer with you before attempting the repair.


Once a callout date has been confirmed please be aware that you or a household member (over 16 years old) is required to be available from 9am to 12pm or 12pm to 5pm. The engineer assigned may choose to give a shorter arrival slot prior to the visit but is not required to do so.


Should the customer not be available and provide sufficient notice a new appointment will be scheduled as soon as possible. In the event the engineer visits and no customer is on site, the job will be cancelled and a new appointment will be made once the customer has been in contact. Please note we reserved the right to charge for this missed appointment and/or take a deposit for future appointments.


Please note that machinery can be dangerous even when disconnected, make sure that only the engineer is in the vicinity of the Appliance during the repair. The engineers vision and focus is the appliance, customers are reminded that children and pets are their responsibility and the engineer is not liable for any injury caused to them during repair.


The engineer's work area must be clear of obstruction, while an engineer may move items in order to get to an area they require, excessive mess will not be tolerated. The engineer may take photos as evidence of unsafe or obstructed work areas and as such the call out will be cancelled, full call out rates still apply.

Parts Purchase

The customer agrees to pay for the spare part(s) in advance which are specially ordered and is non-refundable if the customer wishes to cancel the repair.

Parts Guarantee 

We source parts from trusted suppliers and guarantee all parts will be fitted correctly. The parts are under a limited time guarantee given by the provider. As such often parts are only covered for up to six months.

Pest Control

Due to health and safety, any situation involving pests will be assessed by the attending Engineer. If excessive damage has been caused to the appliance or hazardous waste is found, any further repairs will be cancelled. Above charges still apply, we hold the right to refuse a return visit.

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